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New homeowners. Why you shouldn’t wait to landscape.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Landscaping your front and backyard is one of the most important parts of buying a home in a new development. The ability to transform your outdoor area from a pile of dirt into your dream yard without having to pay for expensive removal and disposal of existing landscaping is one of the many luxuries of buying a brand new build.

As a landscape designer and contractor, my favourite projects to work on are new developments in neighbourhoods such as Brighton in Saskatoon. A combination of easy access to the yard and not having to worry about labour intensive removal and disposal makes our crew's jobs easier, but also your project considerably less expensive.

A problem many homeowners face is they don’t landscape their yards within the first years of moving in. When this happens the grading of the yard in changed, weeds grow into the topsoil and the soil becomes unsuitable for laying sod.

(A home in evergreen built 5 years ago but never landscaped)

When the yard looks like the picture above, we have no choice but to come in and scrape down the yard 2-4 inches. Over hundreds of square feet, this can work out to hours of bobcat work as well as removing multiple bins of clean fill. (at 200 a bin) Additionally, more topsoil will have to be added to this property to compensate for stripping off a layer.

This can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the price of your landscape project. Money that could have been saved had the homeowner landscaped within the first years of moving in.

For most new developments the home builders will be responsible for adding topsoil and grading it. Our greatest advice for homeowners is to landscape there yard within the first years of moving in to avoid having to spend thousands of dollars to remove topsoil and then put down new soil. This work has already been done don't wait and pay your landscapers to do it again.

At Student Lawn Pros we strive to create functional outdoor spaces you can love. Contact us for a free quote on your landscaping project today.

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