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Easy-to-Implement Tips for Boosting Your Property's Curb Appeal

If you own a house, you want to present it in the best possible light. Attention to curb appeal—the view people have of your home from the street—can enhance your property's aesthetic appearance and make it more marketable if you are trying to sell it. According to the Ottawa Citizen, curb appeal is one of the top features influencing home buyers.

Ramping up curb appeal doesn't have to mean making pricey investments and undertaking major renovations. Small steps can make a big difference. Read on for some ideas.

Start with essential repairs

A house in disrepair will always look less attractive. Start by tackling small issues, like fixing broken fences and replacing damaged door knobs. Chipped and peeling paint is another eyesore that you can fix yourself with a fresh coat of color. Redfin suggests opting for light, neutral shades, which have more mass appeal than bolder hues.

Give the exterior a deep clean

Over time, the exterior of your home gets dirty due to dust and pollen. Harsh Canadian winters can also take a toll, causing issues like salt stains on siding. Clean the exterior of your home to make it look new. A thorough cleaning will include the siding, gutters, porch, and front steps.

Polish your windows

When cleaning the exterior of the house, don't forget to address the windows. You can polish them yourself using a homemade solution of water, vinegar, ammonia, and cornstarch. In addition to your cleaning solution, you'll need a pair of rubber gloves, a window cloth, and an additional lint-free cloth for drying. If you have upper levels, you'll need a ladder too.

Upgrade your entrance

Your front entryway makes an important first impression as people approach your house. Make sure it looks welcoming. Use a broom to clear away cobwebs, give your door a fresh coat of paint, and refresh the address number sign. You might also consider adding seasonal decorations, like a wreath or planters with flowers on either side of the door.

Seal air leaks at windows and doors

As you clean windows and spruce up your front entry, keep an eye out for signs of damaged weatherstripping or cracked seals. These minute fissures let cold air in, which can create uncomfortable drafts, especially during chilly Canadian winters. Caulking and weatherstripping your windows and doors can enhance comfort and even cut energy costs.

Spruce up your landscaping

Make sure your lawn is looking its best with regular mowing, fertilization, aeration, and irrigation. You can further enhance curb appeal by investing in landscaping projects with a proven return on investment. Experts like Student Lawn Pros can manage your landscaping and advise on additional measures you might take to upgrade your garden.

Fix any hardscaping flaws

According to Sotheby's International Realty Canada, attractive hardscaping is a key property characteristic that can enhance curb appeal and boost value. If your front walkways have cracks or nicks, get them fixed. You might be able to handle smaller repairs like chipped concrete yourself. More complex work, like replacing brick and mortar, may need a pro.

Add more exterior lights

Once you've gone to the trouble of enhancing your house's curb appeal, you want to show it off. Install exterior lights to accentuate your property's best assets. You can buy all kinds of lights from Home Depot Canada and install them yourself. Areas you may want to illuminate include the front entry and walkway.

Putting in the time and effort to boost your property's curb appeal will allow you to show your property in its best light. Plus, if you want to put your home on the market, taking these steps can help you drive up the asking price. That's definitely an investment worth making!

For more tips on how to make the most of your property, check out the Student Lawn Pros blog.

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