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Tips for shovelling this winter

Snow is an inevitable part of life in Saskatoon. If you're the member of the house with the snow removal duties here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Don't drive or walk on it.

Snow becomes much harder to remove after it has been packed down by tire treads or by walking on it. Try and clear the snow as soon as possible after a snowfall to avoid it getting packed down and creating ruts. If you're in a rush in the morning, clear off just your sidewalk and a path for your vehicle to save scraping later that day.

2. Use the right shovel

Using a plastic shovel can help protect your driveway from scratches or abrasion from a metal shovel. Also, make sure to use an ergonomic shovel to avoid unnecessary strain on your back and muscles.

3. Reconsider buying a snowblower

Though a snowblower seems great it can become a huge pain. Between maintenance, fuel, and finding a place to store the snowblower in the winter it can sometimes be more economical to hire a snow removal service. Better yet no need to go into the cold at -40.

4. Hire a snow removal service

No matter what we're guaranteed snow in Saskatoon. If you can't take the snow or cold anymore Student Lawn Pros offers residential snow removal in Saskatoon. We offer reliable service that takes the hassle of snow out of your life.

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