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Why you need to start Aerating and Power Raking

Updated: May 2, 2020

Every year I have clients ask me to take a look at their lawn wondering why it isn't green.

They've applied the correct amount of fertilizer, they dutifully water at the time and for the duration their lawn care experts recommend, and yet they're just not getting the results they're looking for.

Nine times out of ten their lawn simply needs aeration and power raking.

Every season when mowing grass, clippings are left on the lawn as mulch by a mower. For most lawns, this is beneficial and adds nutrients for the lawn. Unfortunately, over time this dead grass piles up as thatch. Thatch piles up over the lawn absorbing water and preventing nutrients from getting into the roots of your lawn. Additionally, thatch prevents new seeds from getting sunlight, preventing growth. Getting a power rake at the beginning of the season is crucial to allow your lawn to breath and get the green growth you are looking for.

The next most common problem is a compacted lawn. Overtime a lawn will compact. This happens even faster if the lawn is walked on frequently. (Common when kids are playing) When the lawn compacts too much, water and nutrients are unable to penetrate the soil and be absorbed by the roots. Getting a spring aeration is key to de-compact your lawn and allow fertilizer and water to get to the roots where it is needed. Getting these two services, as well as adequate watering and fertilization, are key to getting the green lawn you want.

Nathan Groat

Student Lawn Pros Owner and Operator

Student Lawn Pros has aeration and power raking services available. Book online for the green lawn you have always wanted.

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